With more than 30 years of expertise in the printing industry, Winner Screen has one of the most experienced team of engineers, technicians and printers to attend to your technical queries.

Since Winner Screen believes in “Employee first” policy, we have been able to retain and are proud to be associated with our employees some of whom have been working with us from the last 20 years.

Our team are specially trained to support the client with a view to ensure the systems are running round the clock with least downtime possible, so that you may be able to get the maximum out of our precision engineered, high performance machine.

Our Service and Spare Parts Department are ready to assist you at anytime and can be contacted by email or phone.



Winner Screen maintains a large spare parts inventory, and we also maintain the engineering drawing of every printing systems we have ever built. The key to our system is the machine serial number which can be found on the identification plate affixed to the machine. This allows us to identify the exact machine and the components that were fitted in it.

Keeping your priority in mind, we would always like to ensure that our customer’s business is not hampered for lack of spares

Therefore, several of the spare parts of the machines are readily available with us, these include:

  • Mechanical spares of our machines
  • Pneumatic components
  • Electrical and Electronic components

All of our spares can be procured at an affordable cost, as we believe in sustainability of our business as well as the client’s we deal with.

We request our customers to use original spare parts to maintain long life of our machines



Companies in various sectors such as Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, FM CG and Liquor require printed samples. Printed samples are useful to determine the product’s look before launch. Also, to find out whether printing passes tests such as ink adhesion, product resistance, light fastness,etc

We provide printing sampling service to facilitate this objective.

Sampling is created on packaging articles or any rigid articles made of plastics, metals, glass, etc. Typical samples are closures, bottles,. In sampling, we can help to create special effects such as halftone printing, metallic, glitter, thermo-chromatic, raised and tactile effect. Importantly, we can provide estimation of cost per piece, and suggest appropriate printing machine for the job.



Winner Screen has experienced personnel working in the industry for more than 20 years.

Our customer’s machine operators are provided with full training on how to use our machine, as well as on the printing technology to help them troubleshoot minor issue without our input.

Training is provided either at our Navi Mumbai, India factor prior to dispatch of the machine, or during installation of the machine at customer’s site. In addition, we can provide our printer to be at your site for 1 to 2 months post installation to provide sufficient training to your staff, and ensure that the printing facility is self sufficient.

Each machine comes with complete operation manual including trouble shooting, and tips for improving printing quality. We can also provide machine operation manuals translated into your local language.

Winner Screen provides sampling as a service to its customers. We have set up ready for conducting sampling on articles. With this facility, our customers can carry out samples and present it to their final customer. This helps them in getting the order which in turn helps us to get machine orders.