For centuries, printing inks have been the key to communication. They convey information and knowledge and transport important explanations and warnings, at home, at work or in the community. Printing inks allow images and words to be reproduced and presented in a creative way. Most machines, systems, devices and objects are labelled with functional information which is essential to allow them to be used efficiently and safely. This also applies to vehicles, watches, advertising items and many other things.

Here are the popular products 


Highly resistant and user friendly 2C Pad Printing Ink

Highly glossy, extremely resistant and highly opaque pad printing ink, Series 786. Series 786 is based on raw materials free of PAH and halogens
(see product range) and is suitable for printing of plastics, coatings and metals. Series 786 does not contain Butyl Hydroxyacetate, which is classified as critical to the user’s health. Typical applications are technical components, bottle caps and childcare products.


  • Metal caps
  • Nip cap
  • Ctc cap
  • Oil cap
  • Water cap
  • Electrical MCB
  • Switch gear
  • Circuit breaker
  • Electrical nob
  • Baby feeding bottles
  • Automotive parts
  • Household appliances
  • Medical device (syringe)
  • Sports water bottle

711 Series

Fast drying Pad Printing Ink for Plastics

Highly opaque, fast drying and silky glossy pad printing ink, Series 711. Ideal for printing on various plastics and coatings. Typical applications are promotional materials as well as technical applications in the industrial printing segment.


  • Industrial Applications (automotive, electro)
  • Medical items
  • Toy industries
  • Stationary(pen, marker, scale, punch, stapler)
  • Medical equipments
  • Sports water bottle


Pad Printing Ink for non-pretreated Polypropylene

Highly opaque, silky glossy and fast drying pad printing ink, Series 712. Ideally suited for printing of non-pretreated Polypropylene. Typical applications are promotional materials.


  • Promotional materials
  • Toys (pp materials)
  • Gardening pots
  • Pesticide bottle cap



2C Pad Printing Ink for Glass, Metals and Duroplasts

Glossy and highly resistant pad printing ink Series 751 for printing on glass, various metals and duroplasts. Series 751 does neither contain PAH nor
halogens. For system reasons some individual color shades have halogen containing pigments. Series 751 is free of cyclohexanone. Typical applications are glass decoration, advertising material and automotive interiors.


  • Glass decoration
  • Advertising material
  • Industrial applications
  • Wine bottle
  • Perfume bottle
  • Nail paint bottle


Print-and-Peel, water-based easy SWITCH, for Membrane Switches

Series 447-18 and 447-18/1 are part of a special varnish system that can be removed without leaving any residue. They are used for the full-surface or partial protective covering of plasticiser-free plastics, metals and other hard materials such as glass, duroplasts and ceramics. The field of application is the temporary protection of surfaces that are sensitive to scratches or dirt. This includes removable covers for viewing windows on front foils and keyboards, partial decorative protection on metals and glasses and much more.


  • Input device for Indian railways and metros
  • Input device for defense industries
  • Healthcare and life science
  • Input device for fuel dispensing pumps
  • Hospitality Industries
  • Input device for energy sector

547-05 TDSSeries

UV Window Varnish, high gloss

This UV curing varnish, Series 547-05/GLOSS has been designed to achieve a transparent appearance on mat or textured
front foils. The varnish can particularly be used with our easySWITCH Series 347 (Series 347 – Series 447 – Series 547). It is
also resistant to alcohol and conventional household cleaners.


  • Input device for Indian railways and metros
  • Input device for defense industries
  • Healthcare and life science
  • Input device for fuel dispensing pumps
  • Hospitality Industries
  • Input device for energy sector



Relief (curved) pad printing ink for watch dials

The 1170 series is a slow dying gloss relief pad printing ink for making Roman numeral and times. After only a few pad printing impressions. It is possible to obtain significant thickness while using an 18 um deep engraving it is possible to obatin 18um thickness in just two impression. Typical applications include high end watches, dials and hands.

For 90% of cases, this ink is ready to use straight out of the tube. If necessary, it is possible to thin it by adding varnish 1170-05. If this ink is too liquid to thicken it by adding thickener 1170-05/THX.


  • High end watches
  • Dials