Specialist in Customized Machine Parts


We now bring this digital manufacturing of parts and our established quality control to serve the world. So that you can benefit from getting access to high quality production.


Engineering know how

In the process, our engineers found the best way to DFM and understand the job technically.

Material Procurement

We buy graded tested materials. Material certificate available upon request.

Vendor Development

In order to make the machines, in time and of the quality, we developed a digital network of highly skilled vendors to make extremely precise high tolerance parts.

Quality control

Furthermore, we invested in our Quality Control department to ensure thorough checking so that defects are caught and not allowed to move forward. We have trained QC persons and inspection equipments. Each job is provided with test reports.

Digitizing the manufacturing process

End to end traceability of each part from raw material to finishing stage. Vendor App. Digital warehousing.