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Pad Printing Automation

CX – 250 Sturdy Pneumatic Pad Printer

The CX - 250 is an indigenously built PLC controlled electro-pneumatic pad (tampon) printing machine.

The versatility in using a pad printing machine lies in being able to give fine multi-colored prints on any type of irregular objects viz. shape. Reliable, smooth and safe operation. Machine is totally controllable for best printing.

Open ink well or closed ink cups can be provided.

The machine can be supplemented with a variety of automations including shuttles, rotary indexer, oval indexer, vibratory bowl feeder, etc. for production suitability.

  • It is PLC controlled. This gives total control of machine making it to give the requisite operation
  • Feather-touch membrane keypad. Its use signifies the revolutionized key technology being used, the latest giving a long life
  • Programmed memory for versatile printing
  • 5-digit counter with battery backup. Counting will be retained during power failure, an added advantage
  • Automatic self-testing. This reduces time for fault finding
  • Programmed for input / output test run. This explains clearly about the location / type of the fault and easy understanding of machine operation
  • Precise fault indication with buzzer. An audio aid for fault finding

DX – 50 Rotary Pad Printer for Cylindrical Objects

Single colour Rotary Pad printing machine suitable for printing on cylindrical barrels of various types of Pens, Pen refills, Pencils, Syringes etc.

Machine Features:
  • Maximum output Speed: 100 barrels/min
  • Fully Automatic
  • Adjustable to suit for various diameters and lengths