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Printing Sample Service

Companies in various sectors such as Packaging, Pharmaceutical, FMCG and Liquor require printed samples. Printed samples are useful to determine the product’s look before launch. Also, to find out whether printing passes tests such as ink adhesion, product resistance, light fastness, etc.

We provide printing sampling service to facilitate this objective.

Sampling is created on packaging articles or any rigid articles made of plastics, metals, glass, etc. Typical samples are closures, bottles. In sampling, we can help to create special effects such as halftone printing, metallic, glitter, thermos-chromatic, raised and tactile effect. Importantly, we can provide estimation of cost per piece, and suggest appropriate printing machine for the job.

In house we have the following sampling facilities:

  • Pad Printing – rotary and flat
  • Screen printing – rotary and flat – using solvent or UV inks
  • Foil Stamping - rotary
  • UV lacquering

Our technology partners can provide sampling by: