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NII Laser Marking Systems for Beverage Industry

Laser marking solutions from NII Laser Technology for Beverage Industry use cutting-edge Fiber and UV lasers that enable virtually maintenance-free work for laser systems.

Integrated high-power laser sources are specifically developed for laser marking on beverage closures, caps, crowns and lids with astonishing 50,000 hours of working hours.

Laser marking on closures can be used for:
  • Promotional activities, or
  • As a measure against counterfeiting of beverages

Dynamic Laser Marker (DLM) series of equipment was specially developed for beverage industry to fulfil laser marking needs on the inside and outside surface of closures, caps and crowns. Laboratory tests proved that the technology is safe to use with food and beverage products.

Fiber Laser Systems

DLM-BC Pro system is a great solution on the market that is selected by a number of closure manufacturers in Europe. 100W fiber laser provide a powerful beam which enables fast marking. Fiber lasers require to use laser additive (master batch) for most closures colors to perform laser marking.

UV Laser Systems

DLM-BC Pro-N system equipped with UV laser is the first system ever to allow laser marking on plastic closures and caps without laser additive. This made a huge difference and technology was approved by many well-known beverage brands.

DLM-BC Pro-D is an evolutionary solution and the first system to combine two laser technologies and enable additive-free laser marking on most closure colors at maximum speed.

About NII Laser Technology PJSC

NII Laser Technology PJSC is holding leading positions in designing and manufacturing industrial laser systems for different applications. Solutions are offered for beverage, printing, automotive, machinery, cable industries amongst others. Company was founded by members of Kharkiv National University from quantum radiophysics department, who researched, developed and designed laser systems. Today NII Laser Technology PJSC group of companies has 140 people of staff.

Winner Screen Machines Pvt Ltd is the authorised representative of NII Laser Technology, Europe.